4 natural hair care products for your everyday life

Posted on juin 22, 2015 by

Tired of using shampoos packed with chemicals? We got you covered. It is no secret, most of the shampoos, conditioners and oils we can find on the market are conceived with a lot of chemical components which put at risk our hair and scalp – as well as our health in general. One of these [...]

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10 tips for finding the right job

Posted on octobre 24, 2014 by

You want to win your financial independence, or attempt to subsidize your education only. Then you should have a job. But finding the perfect job for you can be difficult. Here are 10 tips to put the odds on your side. 1. Effective research To locate recruiting companies, sites of vacancies allow finding jobs. It [...]

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Pizza delivery crazy anecdotes

Posted on juillet 23, 2014 by

Working as a pizza delivery man is not as easy as it may seem! It might be a cool student job to earn a bit of money, but you’ll be glad when you get real employment afterwards. In this little article, we’ve decided to put together a few of the crunchiest anecdotes we found on [...]

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Why should you purchase a top-quality pepper grinder?

Posted on juillet 17, 2014 by

We remind it very often: pepper is the most common spice in the world. Its taste is appreciated on the 5 continents. It is used in a vast array of dishes which cover soups, eat, starches, salads, vegetables and many more. As a matter of fact pepper has the advantage to blend well with many [...]

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Reduce the environmental impact of transporting your belongings

Posted on juin 26, 2014 by

When it comes to think about environmentally move, most people are aware of the different options available to reduce their carbon footprint. By moving less by car, promoting public transport or cycling, you can enjoy the good weather to make its way to the office on foot and car pooling is useful when it is [...]

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How to move a piano?

Posted on juin 3, 2014 by

The moving is a huge hassle for people you decide to leave their former home. The fridge or the couch are often viewed as the hardest furniture to move, since they are quite heavy and require a lot of caution to avoid damaging them. Piano players don’t care about their fridge, though, because they have [...]

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Don’t forget to secure your gazebo!

Posted on mai 29, 2014 by

People often forget that a gazebo is a pretty light structure.  It is fabricated in a way that consumers can easily install or deinstall it at the end of the summer, without having to hire three movers in order to do the job properly! This light structure comes at a price, though: it can easily [...]

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Should I repair my windshield?

Posted on mai 20, 2014 by

Our moms used to say that driving a car is like having a bomb in your hands: you better watch out if you want to keep your life safe. Automotive safety is a very important issue that everybody should have in mind while they are behind a steering wheel! There are three elements that are [...]

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Setting a spectacular wedding hall for YOUR day

Posted on avril 10, 2014 by

Having the right venue is one of the most important steps of preparing your wedding. You might be celebrating the cutest couple of all, the guests might be enthusiastic and in great numbers, but if you’re all crammed in a smelly, old room with cheap decoration, the magic might not operate as much as you [...]

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Safety and maintenance of lifting equipment

Posted on avril 8, 2014 by

Lifts, forklifts and other similar devices are very useful in industrial environments. In workshops with very high roofing, a simple stool is rarely sufficient to perform work at height! Forklifts, on another hand, help carrying heavy pallets around. In all cases, this heavy equipment is bought or rented by thousands of Canadian companies each year.

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